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In 1990 Traka, an English company based near London, developed one of the first electronic key management systems in the world. Today Traka has become a world leader in the production of smart cabinets for key management and access control to restricted and audited areas. In April 2012 Traka was acquired by Assa Abloy, a world leader in the production of door locking systems.

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Key management

The integration between the smart vehicle allocation, with Vectore’s allocation algorithm, and electronic key management, with Traka cabinets, is today the ideal solution for  Corporate Car sharing management.

With Assa Abloy cabinets with badge opening, you have the possibility to get a profiled access, based on the company organization. The most innovative solution for  your shared fleet management with Vectore

Gestione chiavi

The smart cabinets can also be provided with a pin option, which can be typed on the appropriate keypad, allowing the user to unlock the door and take the key corresponding to the green lit LED. All other keys will be illuminated in red and will stay unlocked for the user.

This close synergy between Traka and Vectore® cabinets offers the fleet manager maximum customization possibilities. It can also assign groups of keys to groups of users always in total safety. The unique key-user association enables the fleet manager to always know who used a key and when.

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The RFID tag contained in the Ifob, the key ring, offers the Fleet Manager also a real-time monitoring of the use of keys and to receive an alert from Vectore® in case of delayed delivery. In this case, due to the constant dialogue Vectore® – Traka cabinets, the system automatically operates a first attempt to reassign a new vehicle. In case of unavailability of vehicles, the user will be directed to the request form for the use of their own car for service reasons.

The system guarantees maximum flexibility also in the authorization process. If, for example, access to Traka’s smart cabinets is subject to criteria of speed and urgency, as happens for police patrols, or veterinary personnel of a Healthcare Company, the user can access the cabinet without reservation, simply by touching the badge to the reader or by typing the pin.

The Traka cabinet will recognize that the user is authorized to withdraw some keys which will light up green. The user can pick one up and at that point Vectore® will automatically open the use of the vehicle by associating it with the user.

More than fleet management

Traka cabinets represent one of the most intelligent systems for key management not only for car fleets. It is also possible to manage door keys relating to controlled access sites, or small and medium-sized objects, from prepaid cards for highways, to guns or eletronic tablets.

All stored in total safety both in terms of custody and tracking of use thanks to the verification of the history. This system entails greater responsibility for the user who, knowing that he is being monitored, is forced, for example, to return a vehicle in perfect condition, possibly reporting any malfunction or damage, even if minor.

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