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Telematics find its way into fleet management thanks to the integration between Vectore and Webfleet Solutions – a Bridgestone company. The satellite geolocation with GPS WEBFLEET Solutions enables you to expand and improve the management of the company car fleet by combining the information on Vectore with the technical surveys carried out on board the vehicle.

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Vehicle GPS control

The on-board telematics has completely revolutionized the way company fleets are managed, giving new opportunities to Fleet Managers in pursuit of the primary objective: driving down the costs.

Tom Tom Telematics, with its vertical solution, Webfleet, becomes part of the range of functions offered by Vectore, giving the fleet manager the opportunity to enjoy more accurate analyzes thanks to the data found in real time directly from the on-board electronics. Market leader with over 49,000 customers, Webfleet Solutions produces tracking devices and on-board tools aimed to optimize the management not only of car fleets but also of heavy vehicles.

Gps satellitare

Not just devices capable of geolocating and providing data, but real integrated platforms capable of guiding companies step by step in the complex practice of managing their fleet.

Webfleet Solutions is Europe’s number 1 solution for fleet tracking and Vanguard System has chosen it for his integration with Vectore®.

For those who make transport their core business, knowing the position of the vehicles and the journeys they make can be of fundamental importance, in order to provide evidence of driving hours, deliveries, but also to optimize work planning.

Dashboard TCO

Kilometers and fuel consumption, driving styles and geofencing

It is  possible to monitor the movement of vehicles by receiving alerts in case of access to prohibited geographical areas or exit from virtual fences. The Vectore® Truck & Trailer function, born from the integration with Webfleet Solutions, enables you to verify the coupling of a traction unit to the correct trailer.

With Vectore® it is also possible to equip company vehicles with Webfleet Solutions devices that enable vehicles to be connected with the company, creating a direct line between the company and the driver.

It is possible to assign new destinations to the user, modifying them according to the needs of the moment in relation to the position of the vehicle; identify the user driving the vehicle; access services related to the digital tachograph such as the automatic download of driving hours.

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