INVERS is a global leader in shared mobility solutions. Today, most of the successful carsharing companies are operated with their technology. The concept of INVERS started in 1993 at the University Siegen and Shared Mobility OS and the hardware are developed and produced in Germany since then. Invers is internationally represented with offices in Siegen, Cologne, and Vancouver, with over 140 employees and growing.

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Key On Board System

The Key On Board System is born from the integration between Vectore® and Invers, which enables you to combine the convenience of managing the key on board the vehicle with the flexibility of a dynamic booking system like Vectore®.

A solution with a high technological value, the Key On Board System allows fleet managers to manage vehicle keys directly on the vehicle, binding users to an authorization process, with profiled access based on the company organization.

The use of the vehicle can be made subject to a reservation, or for some specific vehicles assigned to specific user groups, the vehicles can be picked up without a reservation.

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When the vehicle is opened, Vectore® will automatically record the start of use of the vehicle, matching it to the user.

The vehicle can be opened by reading the badge, with the reader on the windscreen, or through the App.

An RFID key fob tag, inserted inside the key holder, reports the presence or absence of the key on board the vehicle to the system, in order to prevent the vehicle from closing with the key not inserted.

The system can be connected to the immobilizer, avoiding the removal of company cars by unauthorized personnel.

The integration with INVERS technology does not only offer an advanced key management solution.

The INVERS control units are equipped with GPS detectors that can be activated optionally to control the electronics of the cars obtaining fundamental data for advanced fleet management.

This way, it is possible to know the charge status of an electric car before booking it, documented directly on your smartphone using the App. Mileage and fuel consumption are imported to Vectore® and retrievable for the Fleet Manager for standard or personalized reports.

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