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Whetever station-based or free floating, the answer is Vectore®. With car sharing and car pooling, the versatility of the solution conceived by Vanguard System can be experienced to it´s full advantage.

Vectore® vehicle allocation algorithm, enables the management of the car sharing fleet.

Vectore migliora la tua flotta aziendale

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Smart Solutions for your Fleet Management

Since 2013, Vanguard System, the IT division of the Global Sistemi Group, has been dealing with Fleet Management, Vectore® has always constantly improved it’s know how, searching fo answers to the detailed requirements of fleet managers.

The staff of the Global Sistemi Group, one of the most prepared and competent in the business, thanks to it’s continuous training, is constantly working on evolving and improving the Vectore® software.

The constant research for optimization of all processes, related to company car fleet management, resulted in technological integrations, able to offer fleet managers different levels of automation of processes, within a modular and versatile software.

The extreme versatility and adaptability of Vectore® to the most different needs, both from a technological and an economic point of view, would be impossible without integrations to devices and systems of proven quality and reliability

All this would not be possible without integrations to devices and systems of proven quality and reliability.

We us integrations from different partners: from Assa Abloy electronic cabinets for key management, Tom Tom’s Webfleet Solutions GPS tracking systems, to the German technology of INVERS for the Key On Board System, and the Vectore® solution for the on-board key management, for a more classic concept of car sharing.

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