Vehicle Key Management

Vehicle key management represents today a strategic value for the fleet manager. Automating the use of the car fleet cannot be separated from a flawless key management.

Vectore® offers various solutions for key control, thus offering fleet managers a versatile response that perfectly meets their needs.

Software gestione chiavi per flotte aziendali

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Electronic cabinets for car fleet key management

Thanks to the partnership with Traka – Assa Abloy, vehicle key management is simple and immediate. The access to the electronic cabinets can be controlled, according to the user’s role.

Some users can access to all or just selected cars without a reservation, simply with their badge and the RFID reader. The system will light up the cars connected to the user’s role green.

Vectore will record the use of the vehicle by automatically opening a reservation in the name of the user. Upon return of the key, the reservation will be automatically closed and the vehicle will be available again. The use of electronic cabinets and computerized key management in general, leads to a more paperless company vehicle register.


Gestione chiavi
Gestione chiavi automezzi

On board key man

If parking with few cars or opening of corporate car sharing to the public, the Key On Board System is born from the technological integration with INVERS.
The key is controlled on board of the car and the key will released only after booking. The authorized user passes the badge next to the reader on the windshield and the car is unlocked. An RFID tag captures the presence or absence of the key and prevents the booking of the vehicle from being considered closed if the key is not inserted inside the appropriate key holder.
Only then can the car can be reassigned.

Customized app

With the Vehicle Management App, booking and access to company vehicles is flawless. The dynamic map enables the user, by changing the search radius, to identify the available vehicles and then proceed with the booking just like a structured car park, in free floating car sharing mode. In combination with the key on board system, the use of the vehicle management app makes the use of the car fleet even smarter!

With a simple tap or by reading a QR-Code, depending on the needs, the user can open the booked vehicle and take the key from the key holder. The use of the tap to check the condition of the bodywork and interiors, both in the pick-up phase and in the release phase, enables the fleet manager to obtain quick feedback on the conditions of the company car fleet. With the App by Vectore®, filling in the electronic register has never been so simple and immediate.

Software Vectore App by Vanguard System

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