GPS Corporate fleet management

The connection to the vehicle opens up a multitude of possibilities for the user of Vectore® thanks to the integrated telematics, which is combined with information technology. Not just a simple vehicle tracking, which is certainly useful for knowing the movements of your corporate fleet ( ISO 27001 certified) but a real analysis of the use of vehicles.

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Geolocation of vehicles

Satellite geolocation with the GPS Webfleet solution enables you to expand and improve the management of the company car fleet by combining the information about Vectore with the technical surveys carried out on board of the vehicle:

  1. POSITION: position control of all vehicles, in real time on the map; road traffic verification and arrival time calculation;
  2. ROUTES: control of routes, stops, hours of driving and work, intervention times, deliveries to customers;
  3. ALARMS: immediate alerts in case of unexpected stops and movements, anti-panic button;
  4. COMMUNICATION: instant messages with operators and technicians in the area;
  5. GEOFENCING: monitoring the movement of vehicles within virtual enclosures;
  6. DATA ACQUISITION: obtaining data for reporting directly from the vehicle through integrated devices.
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Global fleet tracking

Possibility to associate the maintenance events of a vehicle with the driving style of the users, in order to predict when a vehicle has to be replaced or, for companies with a complex structure, whether to assign a vehicle to a different cost center, compatible with the state of the vehicle. All this in addition to the normal functions offered by GPS for corporate fleets such as Geofencing, which enables you, to monitor the circulation of your vehicles within a virtual fence. An alert will give a signal when the vehicle enters a prohibited area or leaves an impassable limit.

Integrations for a Smart fleet

The Vectore® – Tom Tom integration enables Vectore® customers to take advantage of all the benefits offered by Webfleet Solution, thus providing the widest range of answers possible in the world of Fleet Management today.

The success of this integration lies in the ability to design and offer solutions both to small and medium-sized enterprises, and to large companies that require corporate-type solutions, thus being able to satisfy both.

Those who require simple GPS vehicle control and those who instead need to add a much more efficient, precise and punctual service for their company fleet management.

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