Transit Permit Management

The administration of transit permits in restricted or protected areas enables the storage and consultation of data on transit permits in restricted traffic areas.

Software gestione permessi flotta aziendale

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Permits and administration of restricted traffic areas

Based on the requirements and the different access regulations, you can use Vectore® to archive data on transit permits for both license plates and individual permits, and for a single gate you can register permits for several license plates of the same company fleet.

Software gestione permessi flotta aziendale
Archiviazione digitale

Digital archiving

The system manages the information on the personal data of the authorities issuing the authorization (airports, ports, municipalities, etc.) and the entry gates for each authority, as well as the data on the type of authorization requested, the name of the applicant and the schedule for the permits renewal requests .

In addition, the use of the Vectore® module for managing transit permits, enables digital archiving of all paper documents related to applications for access permits (signed application, floor plans, submitted documents).

Real-time control

The technological integration of Vectore® with transit control systems, enables you to control whether the vehicle is authorized to access the gate by sending the opening command to the barrier.

All operational logs and associated status are recorded, in order for Vectore® to compare transit information with vehicle bookings.

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