Corporate Car Sharing

Whetever station-based or free floating, the answer is Vectore®. With car sharing and car pooling, the versatility of the solution conceived by Vanguard System can be experienced to it´s full advantage.
Vectore® vehicle allocation algorithm, enables the management of the car sharing fleet. With a reservation entered by the end user, the allocation algorithm selects the most suitable vehicle, based on the destination and the vehicles available in the requested time window, in order to ensure optimal use of the vehicles

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Fleet key management

The different key management proposals allows Vectore® to be compatible with both a station car sharing request and a free floating car sharing request.
In free floating, it is the customizable App that makes the difference. Our Vectore® App enables to geolocalize the vehicles and then proceed with a reservation even near the vehicle.

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QR-Code or electronic cabinets

It is possible to open the vehicle booked either with a badge or using the QR-code reader of the smartphone. Car sharing in station based mode, can also be managed only with electronic cabinets, but more and more companies rely on consultancy of Vanguard System experts for a careful analysis that often leads to a mixed cabinet solution – key on board system.


With the high level of automation guaranteed by Vectore®, the Vanguard system software also offers the possibility of promoting car pooling by informing during booking, about other vehicles that have been used for the same destination during the same period.

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