Booking and allocation of company vehicles

Vehicle key management represents today a strategic value for the fleet manager. Automating the use of the car fleet cannot be separated from a flawless key management.

Vectore® offers various solutions for key control, thus offering fleet managers a versatile response that perfectly meets their needs.

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Booking of company vehicles

The various booking options provided by the software enables the fleet manager to manage the fleet in car sharing / car pool mode.

By intervening on the authorizations and permissions entered in the system, including assigning a group of vehicles to a group of users if necessary, the fleet manager enables the user to enter the reservation without having to worry about selecting the vehicle.

Vectore® automatically allocates the most suitable option with the support of the allocation algorithm.

This module contains:

  • Vehicle booking (car sharing and car pooling)
  • Management of blocking and unavailability of vehicles
  • Forwarding informative emails to users
  • Manual key handover
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Vehicle management

The management of b vehicles blocks and unavailability, enables the fleet manager to exclude a vehicle in garage from the bookings or reserve the use of a vehicle for certain users or employees for a certain period of time, even on a recurring basis.

This module does not contain automatic key management. The management of the keys is entrusted to the responsible staff, who has register the handling of the keys on Vectore® and fill in the electronic register.

Allocation algorithm

Thanks to the assignment algorithm, it is not the user who selects the vehicle, but Vectore® assigns it to the user based on the data entered during the booking.

The allocation algorithm is ideal for company fleets that offer their employees pooled cars, using an automated decision-making process to allocate the most suitable vehicle based on wear, environmental impact and mileage.

The allocation algorithm is the tool with which the fleet manager can, for example, homogenize the mileage of the vehicles acquired by the companies in long term rental and thus adapt the entire vehicle fleet as much as possible to the values of the user.

It is also possible to set mileage ranges for the allocation of certain vehicles such as electric cars or bicycles, offering the fleet manager a fundamental tool for an environmentally friendly management of the company fleet.

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