Advanced reporting

Vectore is a tool, that enables fleet managers to control cost and vehicle operations.

Reportistica avanzata gestione flotta aziendale

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Synthetic data display dashboard

The dashboard gives you the possibility to have a complete overview in both aggregate mode and with a detailed visibility of the information of the entire company car fleet for each individual vehicle, optimizing both the economic and management aspects.

Visualizzazione dati veicoli
Dashboard TCO

Cost breakdown

Vectore® offers a report on the use of company vehicles in which it highlights the use of vehicles divided by company headquarters and by car park in order to verify both the correct distribution of the car fleet on the territory, and the percentage of use for each vehicle, taking into account the period of booking, pick-up and actual use in case of using GPS.


The software has both an on-screen dashboard equipped with various indicators, and a series of reports and statistics regarding:

  • the costs of each vehicle (total fuel and per km / liter, tires, maintenance, frequency of repairs, etc.) also on average annual basis;
  • the total cost of the car fleet or group of vehicles in the period;
  • the cost per km on the entire fleet or on the single model with a comparison between costs incurred and km traveled for each vehicle;
  • CO2 emissions in combination with WEBFLEET Solutions devices;
  • the days the vehicle is blocked for repairs with a comparison of the expected intervention times of the garage and relative deviations (SLA-Service Level Agreement).
Reportistica avanzata gestione flotta aziendale

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