Cost analysis (TCO, Total Cost of Ownership)

We have the fleet management systems, programs and services to help you to drive down costs! Vectore is the right tool to make informed decisions and to trim fleet expenses at every step along the way:
Tracking and analysis of your fleet’s operations day-to-day and throughout its entire life cycle gives you confidence that you are making the right decisions to operate at the lowest possible cost.
Vectore - TCO
Our comprehensive approach can help to monitor:

Compliance with the rental contract.

Vectore - Rental Compliance
Supplies with evidence of abnormal consumption.
Vectore - Total expenditure per supplier
The use of vehicles divided by parking, distances traveled, etc …
Vectore - Mission Dashboard
Maintenance costs divided by plate imported directly from the supplier invoice.
Vectore - Cost analysis
The management of fiscal, administrative and maintenance deadlines is simplified by appropriate alerts that signal the deadlines. The function of sending the alerts can be set by the Fleet Manager which can thus establish autonomously how long before the deadlines receive the relevant notice.
Advanced reporting:

  • Benefit Management
  • Telepass management
  • Electric vehicles
  • Carpooling
  • Efficiency of the car park in relation to bookings

Software designed and built to meet the needs of public and private companies.
Fleet management, cost analysis, car sharing and vehicle tracking.

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