Car sharing

Through its algorithm, allocating the vehicle, Vectore provides the most effective management of the car fleet with carpooling. During the booking, the algorithm chooses the most suitable vehicle, according to the destination and the cars available in the requested time slot, guaranteeing an optimal use of the fleet.

For short distances, electric vehicles will be privileged, if present in the car fleet, while adequate vehicle will be selected for long distances.

We care about the environment: The algorithm takes into account pollutant emissions, the state of service of the vehicle and, in case of long term rent vehicles, the mileage, to adjust the use of rental vehicles to the maximum limit indicated in the contract.

Vectore - Car sharing

The benefits of the carpooling:

  • Get the tools to analyze the size of the car park to make sure that your business is working the most effective way;
  • Smart alternative to mileage reimbursement;
  • Identify at-risk and unsafe drivers;
  • Enforce driver policies.


Simple and fast! The web-based nature of Vectore® makes it possible to transform any device connected to the Internet, whether it is a PC or a mobile device, into a workstation. In 3 simple steps you can enter the Date, time settings, destination, number of passengers and the “Vehicle Type”. Vectore performs a quick check on the driver’s license and the number of passengers approved. In the case of unavailable vehicles, Vectore provides the application form for the use of own cars. Vectore offers different types of bookings related to key management. At the end of each booking, acceptance of the car policy is required simply with a flag.


For the most effective use of the carpool, Vectore provides a diversification of the access rights to the system depending on the user’s role and thus, the possibility of diversifying the “Vehicle type” allowing the use of vehicles dedicated to a small group of users, regardless of the booking. User registration is simplified by interfacing Vectore with corporate LDAPs.

The “Il Sole 24 Ore” (an Italian national daily business newspaper) about car sharing:

“Corporate car sharing offers corporate customers the opportunity to reduce fleet costs and emissions, improving the convenience and benefits for employees […]

A recent study by Frost & Sullivan estimates the number of company car-sharing vehicles to about 2000 units in 2013, and between 75,000 and 100,000 vehicles operating in such car parks by 2020 […]

Key less access and centralized billing at the end of the month are some of the elements that will continue to play a key role in making corporate car sharing programs scalable and easy for companies to adopt.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore, The Future of Mobility: Corporate Car Sharing 11 March 2014

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Fleet management, cost analysis, car sharing and vehicle tracking.

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