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Vectore provides the Fleet Manager and end users with different types of bookings:
– Basic booking;
– Booking without destination data;
– Explicit booking.

Vectore - Default location

Basic Booking

Standard booking that can be made by any user regardless of the role and access permissions.

Requires the start/end and destination data. When the destination is entered, Vectore proposes the user’s previous destinations in order to speed up the choice of the destination.

Vectore - Booking without destination data

Booking without destination data

Access is linked to the user’s role. Unlike the standard booking, the user does not need to enter a destination or route, but simply a distance in kilometers.

Vectore - Explicit booking

Explicit booking

Reserved to the car park manager, therefore to the highest access levels. Companies with head office and several branches, can manage the entire vehicle fleet and thus have an overview from their head office, while the fleet managers from the branches can manage only the branch car park.

Fleet Manager and branch manager can access the “Explicit booking” which allows the assignment of vehicles, chosen by the manager for a specific user.

Blocking vehicles

In case of maintenance, the vehicles are excluded from the booking cycle. The vehicle is assigned by the system to the manager and reinserted in the pool upon return.

Exclusivity for temporary use

Vectore provides the possibility to reserve the use of a vehicle to a user or group of users in predetermined periods, even recurring, set by the car fleet manager.

Software designed and built to meet the needs of public and private companies.
Fleet management, cost analysis, car sharing and vehicle tracking.

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