The Smart Fleet Management System

Simplify, control and cut down costs. Optimize your company fleet

Company fleet management software

Vectore The Smart Fleet Management System

Optimize and save on car fleet management, reduce costs and CO2 and fine dust emissions. Limit the use of mileage reimbursements and check the size of your fleet in relation to your real needs

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Corporate Car Sharing

With car sharing and car pooling, the versatility of the solution conceived by Vanguard System can be experienced to it´s full advantage

Vehicle booking

The perfect tool for Fleet Managers who aim to optimize the use of company vehicles.

Vehicle Key Management

For company fleets, the vehicle key management represents a strategic value for the fleet manager.


Vehicle GPS control

Satellite geolocation with GPS enables to expand and improve the management of your fleet

Software Vectore App by Vanguard System

Vehicle Cost Management

The vehicle cost management represents the core of administrative management

Advanced reporting

A tool, that enables the fleet manager to monitor costs and vehicle operations.


Transit management

It simplifies the request for permits and monitors the management of costs linked to gates and fee-based areas.

Digital Solutions

Vectore Controlling and managing the fleet

Each customer has different needs- we have the right solution for you

Small Medium Business

Local Health Authority

Public administration

We have the right solution for you!


Vectore® is the leading software for the management of the company car fleet thanks to its algorithm and its international integrations and partnerships.

Fleet management, cost analysis, car sharing and vehicle tracking have never been so easy and reliable.

More and more companies with large car fleets are choosing Vectore®


The complete solution for large, small and medium companies


Car sharing & fleet management

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